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Original Post—Direct link

Now don't get my wrong, this system is very cool, but there are a few things that stand out like a sore thumb to me.

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First of all, conversion rate is very weird, it's a 10:1 conversion rate but it doesn't feel worth it to me unless you have a lot of star points.

Second of all, the skin quality still doesn't make sense. There is no way Wicked Stu or El Corazon is as high quality as Stonks Pam or Pop star Janet. They should have made some skins 29 gems and some skins 79 gems or add a 49 rarity. Like 29 would be common, 49 would be rare, 79 would be super rare, 149 would be epic, 199 would be mythic, 299 would be legendary.

Thirdly, why can't you buy mythic and legendary skins with bling? They could have made it very expensive at least. Like they could be 7500 for the mythic and 10000 for the legendaries.

Another point that has to do with the last one is night and gold mecha crow and light and gold mecha bo. You can't buy them anymore without buying the original mecha forms, and the mecha bo and crow are legendary skins..... So you can't buy them with bling even though they were power point skins.... Why?

Another thing is the trophy reset, now that it resets only the top 20 brawlers you have you would get less power points, and in turn less bling than you would before. Like why couldn't it be for every brawler above 500, you don't get much bling from it anyways.

Lastly, power point skins are way too expensive the conversion rate is 10:1 so power point skins should be 2500 bling right? WRONG. They cost double that at 5000. Like at least make then 2750 bling.

And here ends my rant. Like I said this is a very cool addition to the game that will help f2p players but there are certain things that imo need changing about it. I have hope that they will do something about it in the future like they decreased the costs for chromatic brawlers.

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about 7 hoursago -/u/dani_supercell-Direct link

Hey there! I can understand the frustration based on your name, hahaBut lemme try to address some of your concerns

First, I do appreciate how constructive and honest the feedback was, sometimes these are taken for granted!

But anyway
 I know it’s natural to compare the old system against the new one, but that’s not the best take, because with this new system, we wanted to address a lot of issues with the previous one, so:

  • most important of all: every active player is getting more skins in this system than before, plus, now people have the freedom to use it how they like it

  • It’s calculated that a F2P player could get up to 8 149 skins with bling per year. If you buy the pass, this number increases (to 14ish maybe?)

  • the mecha Bo and crow were a bit of a mess - their Star point price had no relation with the gem economy - we took this opportunity to make the system more consistent, now all color variations follow the same pattern. Crow and Bo follows the same logic as Mortis and that’s the logic we wanna have from now on

  • similar to above, the Star Points economy wasn’t great. The distribution was really poor where high skill players had waaaaay too much and casual players way too little. This new system should make things more even. You still earn more bling if you are more dedicated and skillful

  • also because of the above, we had to make a harsh conversion (10:1) so we have a healthy economy. We are giving players a lot more options, and we feel that still being able to monetize on skins is a fairer way to sustain the game (because they don't affect in the actual gameplay)Still, veteran players have an advantage over new ones, and if you wanna buy a skin with SP now, you still have time before the update

  • skin rarities should make this system clearer. This is VERY subjective though, so I don’t agree with your argument, specially seeing our numbers where El Corazon was one of our best 49 gem skin. If you want to be objective about it, they all have the same “changes”, therefore, the same value

  • regarding legendaries and mythics not being available for bling: we already have a very F2P-friendly economy, and we made it even friendlier. We need to have something that can control the risk (because there’s some risk in that, although we expect that the excitement will pay off). Besides that, it makes them more unique and exclusive (since hopefully you’ll have more gems laying around)

  • the trophy economy had some changes, but ultimately, you’ll get around the same, you just get those “doses” of bling faster, so you don’t need to wait 2 months to collect those. Pushing only 20 brawlers should make you able to push the ones you are more comfortable with

    (Video) Hopefully by watching this video you’ll learn something new..

  • Star points skins got more expensive, it’s true, but as I said before, players now have a say in what they want to buy and you ultimately should be getting more bling - enough to buy 8 149 skins per year (without spending gems). We just needed to fix the star point economy, which was bad

As you said, let’s see how things go, but I’d also like you to experiment the first months of the new system so we can make adjustments and discuss based on something more concrete!

Again, thanks for the constructive feedback and sorry for the typos, I’m typing from my phone without looking back - #yolo

about 6 hoursago -/u/dani_supercell-Direct link

Originally posted byGlob-

Hey Dani, how much will the light and gold mecha skins be after you purchase the normal versions of them? Will they become cheap like with mecha mortise or will they be as expensive as other legendary skins? I really need to know because I have over 90k star points rn and I need to know if it's worth to buy them right now. Thanks in advance.

Yep! it’ll be the same logic and prices as the Mecha Mortis!

about 6 hoursago -/u/dani_supercell-Direct link

Originally posted byGlob-

Thanks! So 79 gems just to be clear?


about 6 hoursago -/u/dani_supercell-Direct link

(Video) Top 10 Hidden Gems on Hulu

Originally posted byCodghost777

Are all the power league skins going to be purchasable with gems? I see myself buying it with gems cause I'm not a free 2 play player lol

Yea, also available for gems! Thank you for your support (:

about 4 hoursago -/u/dani_supercell-Direct link

Originally posted bycowmarana

Hello Dani.

First of all, thank you for not even considering responding to me to the post about PL skins and bling in which i tagged you today even if i see you're active. Of course, you don't have to, you're busy and all, but it's still weird seeing you randomly commenting on the same exact topic here.

Anyway, why won't we be able to claim our unlocked PL skins anymore for the same amount you said we would be able to eventually claim them? We unlocked them for a specific price for them to show up at. It's not like we didn't grind for it.

And, most importantly (because this is my main concern), why aren't you making them all avaiable now simultaneously in the shop, like you did with the mecha recolors, instead of making us wait for them to appear in the awful rotation that doesn't show up some star point skins for entire weeks? This way, i won't ever be able to get the 2 PL skin i wanted (and i could technically get now with the amount of PL i have) before their cost gets doubled, because they simply aren't showing up. It's disrespectful towards players who saved SP to get specific skins. Because after the update i will be only able to get 1 out of those 2 skins with the amount of currency that i grinded for days AND waited for months to get.

We were mainly worried that this huge amount of skins could literally do some harm to the game performance (when opening the shop), so our guess was that those skins were long enough in the game that players who would want thos, would have bought already

WITH THAT SAID, I'll check tomorrow with the team if we can force all the PL skins before bling comes! So try to login around 7:00 UTC!

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